Participation and Consent

If you have been admitted to a Victorian hospital for a cardiac procedure included in VCOR, you will receive a copy of the Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry Participant Information Statement (PIS).

Please read this document carefully. It outlines important information about the registry, your rights as a participant and how to opt-off the registry if you decide you do not want your information recorded.

If you have misplaced it you can request a copy by emailing

If you are comfortable with your information being stored in the registry, you are not required to do anything. Hospital staff will enter details about you and your procedure onto the registry after you have undergone treatment.

Please be aware that your information WILL be collected in the Registry unless you contact VCOR to advise that you DO NOT want your details recorded.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable having their personal details stored in a data bank. If you DO NOT wish your information to be included in the registry, you can opt-out. Please refer to the information provided on our Opt-out of VCOR page.

Opting out of the registry will not affect your relationship with any hospital staff or healthcare providers.