Opt-out of VCOR

If you do not wish to participate in VCOR please contact us directly. Please do not call your treating hospital, VCOR manages all opt-off requests centrally. This can be done by yourself or a family member. We provide a free call telephone number, a reply-paid mail service and a dedicated email address so that there is no cost and minimal burden to you if you decide to opt-out.

Please note we may ask for some identifying information so we can ensure we accurately remove your information from our databases. Please provide us with enough contact details to identify your records and remove them effectively.

To opt-out of the registry, please contact VCOR:

FREE CALL: 1800 285 382
Email: vcor@monash.edu
Mail: (Free Post) VCOR Project Coordinator
Dept. Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine
Reply Paid 8646099
99 Commercial Road
Melbourne VIC 3004

Please note there are some instances where patients will not receive a Patient Information Statement as VCOR has a HREC approved waiver of consent for some circumstances. If you have any questions please call the free call number above.