Access to VCOR Data

Any interested party may submit a request for access to de-identified, aggregate VCOR data for the purposes of research, clinical review, planning or scientific investigation. A formal application must be submitted for review by the VCOR Data Access, Reports & Publications Committee (DRP).

All requests must first be directed to the VCOR Program Manager by emailing

Participating VCOR sites can access their own hospital data directly from the VCOR Online Data Entry System at any time, for any purpose. No approval is required.

What type of data can be requested?

Requests can be made for aggregate, de-identified data extracts, summary ad-hoc reports and/or data linkages for appropriate research relevant to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease and related clinical outcomes. All aggregate data requests are formally reviewed by the VCOR Data Access, Research & Publications (DRP) committee.

It is important to note that formal requests are only required when access to group aggregate data is required. Individual hospitals have direct access to their own data at all times and do not need permission from VCOR to access, analyse, reproduce or publish the data they have entered into VCOR.

Who can request data?

Any interested external parties or engaged VCOR stakeholders may request data extracts, summary data reports, and/or data linkages for the purposes of academic research, clinical review, departmental planning or other investigation. VCOR encourages student participation in research activities.

How can data be requested?

There is a formal review process for all applications and all applications for VCOR data must conform to the conditions set out in the VCOR Data Access Policy. Researchers are required to seek and obtain local HREC approval for proposed research before VCOR can release any data for purposes outside its primary quality assurance scope. It is best to contact VCOR directly before submitting a written request for data or obtaining HREC approval to ensure the project is eligible for consideration.

Process for requesting access to data

  1. Interested parties should first email and liaise with the VCOR Program Manager
  2. 'Application for Release of Data’ form and supporting documents are submitted for review
  3. VCOR DRP committee meets and reviews the application
  4. If the project is approved, local HREC approval must be obtained

The 2022 DRP meeting dates are as follows:

15th February 2022

10th May 2022

2nd August 2022

5th October 2022

Completed applications are to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting date.

Conditions of access to VCOR data
  • Data released will never contain identifying information or any potentially re-identifiable information for hospitals, clinicians or patients.
  • Data is released with a strict caveat and conditions of use and all researchers must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Any further use of the data that extends beyond the approved, original scope must first be approved by the DRP committee.
  • Similarly, any additional requests from new researchers to collaborate on previously released VCOR data must be reviewed by the DRP.

Provision of data requests and/or analyses may incur a cost recovery fee, at the discretion of the DRP. For more information please contact us at