VCOR Reporting

VCOR produces routine, individualised site reports on a quarterly basis. These reports are based on data collected in the previous quarter and identify how sites are performing based on each of the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They compare individual site performance against the group cohort but also provide sites with the opportunity to review their own performance across reporting periods.

Reports are reviewed by the CQC and/or Steering Committee before publication or dissemination.

VCOR remains flexible in terms of meeting the needs and request of stakeholders when it comes to reporting, but consistency across the reporting periods is also critical so that sites can compare their current performance against previous reporting periods.

The reporting function of a clinical quality registry is its most critical function. The four major VCOR reporting categories are as follows:

Site Reports Reports are provided to participating sites each quarter. These reports focus on data completeness, data quality, clinical quality benchmarking and other clinically relevant data.

Public Reports Public reports will be delivered annually. They will review project progress and reflect on de-identified results for clinical data from the previous year.

Audit Reports Sites will be provided with feedback relating to the outcome of regularly scheduled site audits exploring data quality and and data completeness in VCOR. These reports are individualised and provide feedback about case numbers and data managers practice.

Online Reports Participating sites can also download their VCOR data at any time from the online system. Authorised users are able to run reports on local site and clinician data. They can also produce reports for the entire cohort to compare local results to 'all sites'. Clinicians can run the same reports for their own patients' data (for the patients they have treated across multiple VCOR hospitals).

For further information on VCOR reports please refer to the VCOR Reporting Policy or contact us at