Steering Commitee

The VCOR Steering Committee convened for the first time in January 2012. This committee is responsible for overseeing registry governance and to maintain the confidence of all parties involved. The focus of the committee includes providing direction on strategies and deliverables for the registry. All project matters are governed by the VCOR Steering Committee (SC) by way of liaison with the Clinical Quality Committee (CQC); the Data Access, Research and Publications Committee (DRP). All VCOR PCI site Principal Investigators were appointed as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee in November 2014.

Steering Committee Members 
VCOR Coordinating PI Prof Chris Reid
VCOR Clinical Director A/Prof Jeff Lefkovits
Representative from the Victorian Cardiac Clinical Network (VCCN) Dr Arthur Nassis, Ms Dervla O'Regan
VCOR Management Committee Ms Angela Brennan, Dr Diem Dinh
Representative from Victorian Branch CSANZ Prof Steven Duffy
Clinical Lead from VCOR Modules (Heart Failure & STEMI) Dr Dion Stub (STEMI), Prof Andrea Driscoll (Heart Failure)
Consumer representative from general population Ms Sandra Anderson
Clinical Representatives from Private Hospital sector Prof Richard Harper, Mr Steven McConchie, A/Prof Jack Gutman, Dr Deepak Haikerwal, Dr Michael Rowe, A/Prof Ronald Dick, Dr Nimalan Nadarajah, Dr Roderic Warren, Dr Martin Sebastian, Dr Jodie-Ann Senior, Dr Mark Horrigan, Dr Olivier van den Brink, Dr Benjamin Dundon, Dr Chris Hengel, Prof Robert Whitbourn & Dr Rodney Teperman 
Clinical Representatives from Public Hospital sector Prof Stephen Duffy, A/Prof Bill vanGaal, A/Prof David Clark, Dr Geoffrey Toogood, Dr Jennifer Cooke, A/Prof Leeanne Grigg, A/Prof Ernesto Oqueli, Dr Voltaire Nadurata, A/Prof Nicholas Cox, Dr Chin Hiew, Dr Robert Gooley
Epidemiologist Prof Danny Liew
Chair of each sub-committee As appointed

* Positions may overlap. It is acceptable for one member to fulfill the role of multiple representative positions.