Data Access, Research and Publications Committee

The VCOR Data Access, Research and Publications (DRP) committee convened for the first time in October 2014. This committee is responsible for reviewing requests for access to use aggregate VCOR data for research; related policies and procedures; and overseeing the publication of subsequent abstracts, manuscripts and other presentations or publications.

DRP Committee Members 
VCOR Coordinating PI Prof Chris Reid
VCOR Clinical Director A/Prof Jeff Lefkovits
VCOR Management Committee Ms Angela Brennan, Dr Diem Dinh
VCOR Statistician Dr Nick Andrianopolous
Victorian Hospital Representatives Prof Stephen Duffy, A/Prof David Clark, A/Prof William vanGaal, Dr Deepak Haikerwal, A/Prof Nick Cox, Dr Matthew Brooks
Clinical Representative from Department of Health & Human Services, Chief Medical Officer A/Prof Andrew Wilson
Epidemiologist (Monash University, CCRE Director)  Prof Danny Liew
Clinical Lead from VCOR Modules (Heart Failure & STEMI) Dr Dion Stub (STEMI), Prof Andrea Driscoll (Heart Failure)

For information about the types of VCOR data that can be requested, please view our Access to VCOR Data page.