Clinical Quality Committee

The VCOR Clinical Quality Committee convened for the first time in June 2013. This committee is responsible for advocating for quality and safety by communicating knowledge between investigators, clinicians, government and other relevant stakeholders. The CQC advises on clinical matters arising from VCOR data; reviews clinical quality issues and develops policies for monitoring quality of care and policies for the promotion of quality improvement in cardiac care.

CQC Committee Members
VCOR Coordinating PI Prof Chris Reid
VCOR Clinical Director A/Prof Jeffrey Lefkovits
VCOR Management

Ms Angela Brennan & Dr Diem Dinh

Clinical Representatives from Public Hospital sector

Dr Geoffrey Toogood, Dr Jennifer Cooke, Dr Voltaire Nadurata, A/Prof Leeanne Grigg, Dr Andrew Black, A/Prof Chin Hiew

Clinical Representatives from Private Hospital sector

Dr Martin Sebastian

Representative from Vic Branch CSANZ Several members fulfil this role
Representative from the Department of Health & Human Services, Victorian Cardiac Clinical Network (funding body) Mr Jim Doumtses
Representative from Registries Sciences & Management Unit (Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Monash University) Prof Susannah Ahern
Statistician (Monash University) TBA

* Positions may overlap. It is acceptable for one member to fulfil the role of multiple representative positions. For information about the Clinical Quality Review process undertaken by the CQC, please refer to our Measuring Quality of Care page.