VCOR Background

August 2008
Commonwealth funding provided by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care for the centralisation and expansion of existing registries.

December 2008
Commencement of a 12 month pilot project, known as the Australian Cardiac Procedures Registry (ACPR).

July 2011
Funding sought and obtained to set up a state-wide cardiac outcomes registry in Victoria (based on the success of the ACPR).
VCOR was established in conjunction with the Victorian Cardiac Clinical Network and Medibank Private.

January 2012
First VCOR Steering Committee Meeting held.
Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval sought for VCOR.

July 2012
Data elements for PCI module confirmed by Steering Committee.
Funding received to commence a second data collection module to review the treatment of acute cardiac patients in regional Victorian centres.

January 2013
VCOR commenced data collection for patients undergoing PCI, with five metropolitan hospitals initially contributing data.

June 2013
Clinical Quality Committee (CQC) convened to oversee policies and procedures for monitoring safety and quality of care.

February 2014
VCOR commenced data collection for the pilot module: Management of Acute STEMI in Regional Victoria, with six regional sites from Hume and Gippsland initially contributing data.
Funding secured from the Victorian Cardiac Clinical Network (VCCN) to develop and pilot a heart failure minimum data set to track patients being treated for acute heart failure (HF).

July 2014
VCOR commenced data collection on the Heart Failure pilot module (testing the feasibility of a Heart Failure registry).

August 2014
Health Minister, The Hon. David David, MLC. launched the first VCOR Annual Report for 2013 (PCI data).

January 2015
Additional funding received from the VCCN to extend the Heart Failure module pilot into an ongoing SNAPSHOT project.